Prof. Dr. med. Kai J. Bühling

Specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics
SP Gyn. Endocrinology and reproductive medicine
SP Special obstetrics and perinatal medicine

Dear Patient,

It has always been my wish to offer university expert medicine in a personal atmosphere. In my private practice I take enough time to advise you individually in a pleasant environment. A holistic approach, which focuses on you as a patient, is particularly important to me.

During my clinical work, I completed two 3-year training courses in addition to the specialist training. Since 2007 I have been leading the hormone consultation at the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf. This enables me to offer you extensive expertise in hormone issues, fertility treatment, the care of (risk) pregnancies and prenatal diagnostics in addition to my specialist medical work.

For areas in which I cannot offer you the best possible care, I have a team of experts in my practice who are particularly qualified in each case.

I would be very pleased to welcome you to my practice!


Professor Dr. med. Kai J. Bühling

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